Cut player's points not counting in daily total

I cut Joe Jimenez in a fit of rage during the first game of yesterday’s double header against St. Louis.

Shortly after I cut him, his -27.47 pts disappeared from my daily total. I do not believe those points ever counted against what the rest of my team managed to accrue.

This is league 772, team 5435 (Highland Cows).

Thanks for mentioning this. I’ve done some digging and it looks like we incorrectly had the Tigers as having a postponed game a couple of times yesterday, which temporarily and incorrectly unlocked all Tigers. Cutting a Tiger during that window would result in this.

I’ve fixed this issue for this particular team and am looking into fixing the issue that caused the system to think STL-DET was postponed yesterday.

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Thank you, Niv!

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Made a big change to how we sort out which games are postponed and I believe this should be MUCH better going forward.