Cutting Players During A Game

Hello @nivshah, how are you? It was brought up by someone that rage cut Matt Harvey during his start last night that his points did not accrue on the Today’s Stats page. Since I know the league the person was in, I checked the new CHG column (love that addition, by the way) to yesterday’s stats and Harvey’s points did not seem to accrue. Can you please check into this as this could be a bug that affects some leagues? Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

If the player is locked (in the lineup 5 minutes before the game starts) their points will count, even if they are cut mid-game.

Please link me to the league’s live page so I can investigate.

Yeah, he said it happened to him like it should before as they are locked, but it did not with Harvey. Here is the league’s home page:

Cool, I see what happened here. Should be fixed shortly. I appreciate the chain of honesty that surfaced this issue to me :slight_smile:

Sounds good, thanks. I was just bringing it up in case something similar happened in one of my leagues or in the future, haha.