Date range for last 10 transactions?

So I find the “Last 10 Transactions” on a player’s page to be very helpful in assessing changes in a player’s value, but it’s tough to tell sometimes how reliable it is because it’s not clear when those 10 transactions were actually made. (Especially for a smaller format like 4x4, where a player’s 10th most recent transaction might have been back in, like, May. Or 2019.)

Would it be possible to get more information on the date range covered by a player’s last 10 transactions, both overall and in the league’s format? I doubt this is worth crowding up the player page so maybe it could be added as a tooltip or something if it’s useful enough. Thanks for considering!

I think this is just the thing you need to consider when you look at Last 10. Short of giving a full list of every transaction that happens across all of Ottoneu with full league context, I’m not sure there’s an answer here that will satisfy everyone, so I think this will just stay as is.

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No worries. Thanks for the quick response, Niv!

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Hey Niv – I was perusing the Last 10 prices in the run-up to my draft next week and wondering if the Last 10s are now representing just drafts from this year and not auctions from last year. I’d assume so given that it’s March, but who knows this year. I have a memory of you posting last year when the averages clicked from including prices from auctions the previous year, so I’m hoping that data is easily accessible to you. Thanks!