Date range for last 10 transactions?

So I find the “Last 10 Transactions” on a player’s page to be very helpful in assessing changes in a player’s value, but it’s tough to tell sometimes how reliable it is because it’s not clear when those 10 transactions were actually made. (Especially for a smaller format like 4x4, where a player’s 10th most recent transaction might have been back in, like, May. Or 2019.)

Would it be possible to get more information on the date range covered by a player’s last 10 transactions, both overall and in the league’s format? I doubt this is worth crowding up the player page so maybe it could be added as a tooltip or something if it’s useful enough. Thanks for considering!

I think this is just the thing you need to consider when you look at Last 10. Short of giving a full list of every transaction that happens across all of Ottoneu with full league context, I’m not sure there’s an answer here that will satisfy everyone, so I think this will just stay as is.

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No worries. Thanks for the quick response, Niv!

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