Days Illegal counter in commish tools

I realize I can go into the transaction history and figure out when each team became illegal, but for convenience I think it’d be pretty helpful to see a counter in the commish tools.

Related… kind of, also think seeing # of visits since or average visits per day etc could be helpful tools for the commish.


I can add a counter since the last transaction for teams that are in an illegal state. The number of visits is much harder, since it slows down visiting the site and also its hard/arbitrary to distinguish if a visit is new or a continuation of the last one, but the number of days should be enough when building a case for someone being a (for lack of a better term) bad owner.


Day counter for illegal state would be awesome. I never bug someone until 24 hours anyway, and like you said: Visits is much harder to make sense of.

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Rather than putting this in commish tools, I’ve added this information to each team page:

You may notice I’ve also changed the Last Visit information to be in terms of “how long ago” instead of a date. Trying to see if this is more intuitive or not.


I’ve temporarily disabled this while dealing with some site issues, but it should be back soon.

This is back on the site.

Thanks Niv!

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