Different Colors/Icons for Rotowire News Types

I don’t know if Rotowire provides any type of data that categories the type/nature of the news. But if they do, it would be helpful if there was something that indicated whether it was a transaction, injury, lineup, recap, etc. I think that this could be accomplished by either changing the icon color or shape of the notification to the right of the player’s name.

And maybe on the Team News have a filter button that allows us to just see transactions, injuries, lineups, recaps, etc.

The reason is that when setting my lineup, I’m usually not really as interested in last night’s recap but instead would just like to focus on players who have news more relevant to whether they’re playing today or not.

I’m not sure whether such categorizations are available from the Rotowire news feed but they seem to have it organized on their site (at least general news versus injury news), so I’m hoping that what they deliver to Ottoneu might allow for it to be categorized.

Rotowire does not give us this information, as they do not want us to recreate their paid product on our site. Ottoneu has API-level integration with Rotowire’s tools and I would recommend paying for Rotowire if you want this kind of experience.

Yeah Rotowire isn’t really worth the monthly fee just to have news properly categorized. And it wouldn’t be anymore convenient to do what I’m doing right now, which is have two tabs open and getting the same information for free off of Rotoworld.

It’s too bad stuff can’t be filtered out to just items that are relevant to setting lineups… guess I’ll go back to mostly ignoring it as it’s not very helpful as currently implemented.

Don’t worry, Niv. The news feed as implemented is awesome for those of us that only have one league!

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