Display Pitching GS in H2H Matchup Stats/Box Score

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As weekly GS caps are now important to a H2H matchup it would be nice to include GS in the pitcher stats line of Matchup page.

It isn’t clear how many GS a team has without clicking through every day of a matchup. Nearing the end of the week it may be very important to know that the opponent (or yourself) will only have 1 GS left.

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I meant to get this on the lineups page and games page before today. Should have it up this afternoon sometime.

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Unfortunately this will have to wait until tomorrow, but I am on it!

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Ok, SP GS remaining should be displayed on the individual game pages, as well as on the lineups page. Please take a look and let me know if any numbers seem off!



Looks right to me! Thanks!

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