Draft Crash, 3/14/21

Following up on last week’s issues…

@nivshah, more as a heads up than anything for you…

Our whole draft crashed/got booted at 10:10 EDT

Weird, drafts seemed like they were running pretty well tonight. Has it cleared up in the last 5 minutes or still issues?

We are in the middle of our draft and it crashed as well

Everything was smooth sailing up until then. Had a couple league members reporting freezing, but nothing on my end.

I just get a repetitive “reconnected” banner if I try to re-enter the auction room now…

Update just came back…

Working again

We are back on

Ok, sorry about the blip, should be good now. I’ll investigate as to what happened.

Looks like we had a brief networking issue with our db server and the code that’s supposed to catch that and deal with it didn’t do its job. Shouldn’t be an issue going forward, but please use this thread if it comes up again today.

Just had a draft for 490. No issues! Totally smooth. Thanks!

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