Draft issues 03/20/2022

Hey @nivshah league 1211 is seeing some choppiness with the draft right now as a heads up.

I’m keeping an eye on things, server seems ok right now. Hopefully a refresh cleared it up?

Thanks for checking… been smooth since.

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Had this happen one other time this draft season so far (that I know of) where the server just stops giving updates to everyone drafting for 10 seconds. A refresh usually will clear this up, though it may result in an auction ending without everyone getting a chance to bid.

Just had another jump in 869 too.

I’m continuing to check out what is causing these blips.

That last blip, that was on me.

Have a theory on what was causing the blips, have made a change, will continue to monitor.

had been smooth for a bit but just hit some more chop in 869

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Just had a really slow web request about 5 minutes ago that aligns with that brief choppiness. Investigating!

Another big freeze just now

Yeah looking at it.

Seeing another blip right now…

EDIT And it is over already.