Draft Scheduler

It would be a “nice to have” item; have a page that helps schedule the draft. Commish can enter in some dates and times and the league can vote for when to hold the draft. Right now we use doodle-poll which gets the job done, but people don’t always do it, it takes them away from the Ottoneu league page, and pasting a link into the message board is clunky. I think there could be an opportunity to integrate a solution into the platform. Again, there is a solution that works just fine and has for years (at least in my situation) but having an integrated solution would be nice.

Thanks Niv!

Let me go ahead and nip this in the bud:

A draft scheduler would be an entire new app and I have no interest in taking on the process of building this tool and maintaining it at this time. There’s a reason entire companies like Doodle are based around the process of schedulding a meeting time. This is for now well outside the scope of Ottoneu Fantasy Sports, though I agree that someone somewhere should build something for this problem that doesn’t stink.


The message boards for the record support HTML and I believe you can use an anchor tag to make a link to a Doodle work without requiring copy and paste.

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Appreciate the reply Niv, totally understand it is a large under-taking! Figured I would throw it out there in case you had a simpler version/idea in mind.

Also, super great to know about the HTML anchor tag, just tried it and it works like a charm!

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If people don’t care enough to read the message board (and the associated email) and fill out a doodle poll, it may give an indication of what kind of league mates they will be.

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To piggy back here, it’d be really cool if ottoneu could also file my taxes. Could you add a “maximize my return” button? Thanks.