Drafted players are FA's and still on rosters

It appears that recent draftees that were held as keepers are still on rosters, but alternate versions (pro-team) have been added to the free agent pool. When searching for the players, only the free agent pro-team version registers. I haven’t checked everyone, but its held up through a half dozen checks so far.

I’m assuming its something that the provider needs to update, but it could cause bad cuts leading up to the keeper date if folks see all the young RB’s as FA’s.

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This will be linked up well before the keeper deadline, but dealing with some issues with our data provider that I hope to resolve next week.

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Thanks and cheers! Go SF Giants!!

This getting fixed soon?

Want to trade for newly drafted guys already on rosters as the ‘college’ versions of themselves.

Hoping to get to this today or tomorrow. High up on the list, but still working on things with our data provider.

Newly drafted players are now on rosters with their pro teams. Please let me know if you still see any duplicate NFL/college players.


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My roster page still shows my recently drafted guys as still on their NCAA teams (e.g., Justin Fields). Also, when I click to his player page from my roster page, it takes me to a player page that also has him as a NCAA player. I cleared cache and reloaded.

However, when I go to player search and do a search for Fields, it shows him as both being on the Bears as well as on my team. When I click on him, it takes me to his NFL player page.

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Was a caching issue on the server side - fixed!