Everyone benched in Roster Organizer after salary increases are applied

hi Niv

It looks like this has happened again. All players on the Roster Organizer have been moved to the bench.

Breaking this to its own topic so I’ll actually remember to do something about it.

This happens when increases are applied because of how the transaction system works. I am not sure if there is a quick fix for this.

I’m working on restoring the Roster Organizer to its state before salary increases yesterday.

It actually looks like people have made updates to the Roster Organizer since yesterday, so I won’t be restoring its state. I’ll spend some time figuring out how to fix this long term instead.

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I’ve made an attempt to mitigate this going forward. We will have to see in (hopefully) October 2021.

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Hi. Why does roster organizer reset at end of season? Could you please have it not reset? I use it primarily for the next season and resetting it creates alot of work.

Per this topic and thread, this is a known issue that I addressed yesterday. Previous roster organizer state was not restored for reasons stated in this thread.

Please please please please read the forums. This community only works if people read to see if their questions are already answered or addressed in some way.