Existing $100 5x5 League 501, all spots claimed

Firehouse Roto is a former $49.99 tier competitive league that has run since 2014. We are in the midst of restructuring to the $100 tier, given the new ottoneu price structure. The four available squads, marked as Open Team 1-4, can be viewed from the league home page. Please post here if you have any questions, or see the Available Teams page as all available squads have been marked as abandoned.

Hello! I am in this league, we have fun. We party.

Only Open Team 1 remains, and can be claimed via the available teams page. If nothing else, it presents an opportunity to renovate more or less as you see fit. As expressed by the inimitable suede_boggs, come party with us.

When is ur draft also if I claim this team could I make cuts still

We have yet to schedule the annual auction; figured it would be better to wait until we had the full complement of owners. My preference is to do it sooner than later, but the Tokyo games (March 20) is the deadline I’d target. You’d be afforded a round of penalty free cuts to get your team set up as you wish; there’s one other team (Mashers) whose owner is new to ottoneu, joined post-Jan 31, and will have his cuts in by Sunday. Hope to see you in the league, or ask away if you have any more questions.

Hi, I used to like to party before I had a kid, now I just dream about it. Any chance you have room for a first year ottoneu player? This is my second year of fantasy baseball and I’m looking to dig deeper. Ideally you would have some tolerance for a little guidance here and there, but I understand if you can’t be buggered.

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Certainly, sounds like you’d fit right in. In fact, our league has some new owners that are new to ottoneu as well. Please send a message to me directly here on the Community, or post up further in this topic, if you have any additional questions. If you’d like to simply proceed to the league and see if it suits you, the team can be claimed directly via the available teams page (it’s the only $100 league tier team available there currently, listed as Open Team 1). Hope to see you around.

Thanks, everyone, for your interest; the league is now full.