Expansion team or fixer uppers?

In our first year, a guy came to the draft late, saw that he missed out on Trout and Bryce Harper, and dropped out. Consequently in our first two years we’ve had an empty team - - we’re looking for someone to take over that team in league 653 https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/653/home
There are still some allocations left to post. Some good players should shake out to build the team from scratch.
Mookie in the Middle and La Familia are also available – though we’ve had a couple guys say they are interested, they haven’t taken the plunge. Join us-- we’ve got a bunch of strong competitors in the league but need a couple more!

I had some interest until I read your message board. Ripping into a guy who respectfully questioned the inactivity of a team is uncalled for. Inactive teams ruin the competitiveness of the league. There are legitimate excuses for being inactive, but being rude to somebody who raises the issue wouldn’t make me enthusiastic about joining … especially since the team in question is now available.

Yes, I wasn’t too pleased at the time.

The guy I supposedly ripped into is still there in the league, which I’m glad about, because he’s competitive and always participates. At the time it just didn’t make sense to me that he was talking about someone else’s participation level when he was guilty of something very similar – except to my mind it was even worse and less defensible. He was competing for a money spot but hadn’t made the effort in to pitch all his innings.

Had he pitched his full 1500 innings, instead of the 1336 he did pitch, he was absolutely in contention for 2nd place and $200. If he had scored 4.75 points per inning in those innings, he would have passed the second place team. Man, I would never leave innings on the table. If I were in 12th place I’d be scratching for 11th until Sept 30th.

The other circumstance, and what didn’t get said at the time, is that the second place team was owned by his friend. Those two guys are both from a foreign country-- they are friends who pretty much joined the league together; they draft together in the same room. I really like them both, it’s just that it seemed a little off that the fellow didn’t try to beat the other guy out.

I don’t think those guys would collude. They both seem to love the game too much to do that. I didn’t even want to mention collusion and just left it the way it was.

I’ve never been in a league that didn’t have at least one team that didn’t fully participate. I’ve been in several leagues, keeper and dynasty leagues, where there were several teams that threw in the towel. It’s just one of those facts of life. I’ve actually tried to be less of a hard-ass about it. The guys who stopped participating had paid their $50 ante and I figured I’d let them play out the string.

We’ve got a great league in Good Sir Timmy. I trounced them all in 2016 and then the wheeler-dealer Yaz Cats beat us this year. I’ve played against half the guys in the league for years and it’s always been great fun. So anybody who thinks to join up should fear not. We just want you to play the game to win.

¿are you segura?

If you want to establish requirements about IPs or whatever, establish it up front. He was respectful and you weren’t but how you run your league is entirely up to you. Good luck this season.

Dude, how in the heck am I supposed to institute some sort of innings limit. There is an innings limit. It’s fifteen hundred innings. Plus it’s a soft limit and you can go over the season limit on the day you crash through the barrier.

So anyone who doesn’t pitch all those innings is not competing fully and I don’t feel they should be complaining about the effort of others. He could have messaged me and the co-commissioner directly, and then I’m sure my response would have been different.

I worried about the collusion issue too, as I mentioned. The team could have had second place. Jesu Cristo, I’ve been in leagues where there are 3 teams at the bottom of the standings, some of whom hadn’t participated in years and never even fielded a lineup. And the Commissioner said, "Hey he paid for his team. " In the Timmy league, we’ve had great participation for the most part.

Honestly, I don’t actually mind you replying to my post. I knew it could be a problem for anyone who scrolled through all the messages. I have apologized to the guy and I’m totally glad he stayed. We certainly agree that competitiveness is the most important thing in a league.


There’s a max limit, not a minimum limit which is what you equate with meeting your expectations. I didn’t say limit, I said requirement or in other terms, incentive. Maybe you should investigate using something like coupons or tags. And thanks so much for not minding me replying to your post. :wink:

a minimum limit, a requirement, an expectation, a demand, whatever the heck nomenclature is needed, i’d only set it at 1500 innings, just like in the real world, where you have to play every inning.

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