Extra H2H start

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I seem to have a new start slot (had 0 starts available this morning), even though I’m at 10 starts for the season so far.

I see something odd in my league as well, league 1294.

All of a sudden I have 1 start left, even though I have started 10. The team I am playing has used 10 starts as well, but he doesn’t have an extra start. And another guy in our league has used 11 starts this week.

I was going to post a topic, but saw this one.

A couple thoughts when taking a look at this. (It could be a bug and my research means nothing)

A) I dropped a player today, German, who had a start for me earlier in the week, maybe that now gives me an extra start?

B) the team who has had 11 starts this week, the Phantoms, traded a SP who had 2 starts for him this week, and maybe that did something to the starts calculation?

I’m investigating

1265 Arthurian Legends has the same issue I think if you need another example to look at.

I hit my 9th start last night and it says I still have one today (9 GSmax).

So there are 2 things being described as far as I can see:

Some teams incorrectly show 1 SP start remaining when all have been used up. This describes what I see on @arthur.wyckoff’s page at least.

OP has 0 starts remaining but still has a SP slot on the lineup page. My expectation is that even if a SP who is pitching today is put into that slot, it will not lock, but I agree that slot should not even appear.

The first of these two issues is more pressing but I think I should be able to have both of these things fixed this morning.

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Ok I think I figured out what is up with @dowie and @arthur.wyckoff at least - Domingo German’s start is not counting this week for some reason, possibly because he was optioned.

@dowie if you could link me to the team that has 11 starts already used this week that would be great.

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Confirmed Domingo German’s start was not counting this week because he had been optioned. I’ve fixed this bug.

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That scenario could fit for me too with Christian Javier being optioned.

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Which team is yours in that league?

Bichette better have my money. Have confirmed the SP slot is no longer there!

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Ok, then I think this is fixed. The other issue I mentioned is also fixed - if a team has 0 SP starts remaining, there were certain scenarios in which they’d still show a SP slot on the lineup page. This is no longer the case.

Appreciate the details, really helped me narrow down this situation quickly. Bug Catcher badge for @jeffandtroy

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At some point today I will go through all teams and check if any of them now has -1 starts remaining. This is only possible because of the bug where an optioned player’s start didn’t count against the GS cap. I’ll remove any starts that are now extra as a result of that bug.

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Ok I’ve already taken care of this as well. The following team IDs were affected:


Each of these teams went over the SP GS cap this week due to the bug documented in this thread and have had their most recent SP start removed for the week to get them back in line with their league’s SP GS cap.