FanGraphs Leaderboard Missing Some Hitting Stats

Hi Everyone,

I love the daily point_change update to league standings. Thank you, Niv.

I was curious about another potential update to Free Agent Board Stats, specifically to the availability of certain stats available from the Fangraphs Leaders page.

I noticed some of the batted ball data is not available from Ottoneu>Free Agent Leader Board. I was interested in the correlation between Opp% and Hard% as they relate to elite hitters–from a very quick look, it appears that a batter does not need to hit to the opposite field to sustain success if the swing allows loft or FB%. But, I just wanted to look at my own roster and not some deep dive into a general narrative, and that is when I found that the Ottoneu Free Agent Leader Board does not have some of these stats. Is Fangraphs being stingy with the data?

The script that lists available stats is run from, and I was not able to copy and paste it here, but I looked a couple times and don’t see Pull%/Center%Opp% or SoftMediumHard% as options on Ottoneu>Free Agent Leaders where I can sort by my roster. However, I am drinking and am not 100% sure of things.

Anyway, just wondered if those stats can migrate or something. Thank you.

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I’ll pass this along to Appelman, I’m sure that data can be added to the FG Fantasy Leaderboards

thank you very much, sir