Fangraphs link timeouts

@nivshah, having an issue navigating to any Fangraphs page from within ottoneu…times out when clicking for fangraphs profile from player page or when clicking link to sign in. Issue with auth system maybe? Have tried on Safari, mobile Firefox, mobile Chrome. Can get to fangraphs from google search.

If you can get to FanGraphs via Google, the site links to FanGraphs should work - there is literally no difference. I am not seeing this issue on my end. You can try clearing cookies in your browser if you continue to have issues.

Actually, looks like I can’t get there through my home network. Across 3 devices and multiple browsers, could get to the fangraphs player pages from search but not the homepage or sign in and not player pages when coming through ottoneu. Any suggestions, other than using cell or maybe VPN?

This is way outside my jurisdiction, but how do things work if you visit Fangraphs in an incognito session? Or maybe restart your router?

No dice and understand this ain’t really your bag. I’ll fiddle…thanks anyway.

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