Fangraphs Sortable Stats and Projections

Is it possible to view the Fangraphs projection systems (pre-season and RoS) for an Ottoneu League like you can with the Sortable Stats feature? It would be great to be able to project FPTS this way. This may be obvious, but I’m still new here. Thank you!

I don’t believe so.

What I do is export Ottoneu league rosters (the CSV export include FG IDs) and then merge it with projections (there’s a couple of ways to do this fairly easily–Excel’s vlookup is probably the most straightforward if you’re not used to merging data).

Awesome, thanks!

Yeah, I tried to look up the best way to merge the data but it’s been a challenge. I’m probably not searching or the right things. I’ll give vlookup a shot. Thanks again!