Field of Dreams League - Looking for Owners

I am new to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball. I wanted to give it a try using the FanGraphs Points system.

For the moment, I have set the draft time to the following:
Draft Day: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 8:00 PM EDT
It is likely this may well change to help get the league going … so TBD yet.

This is set for the $49.99 Price Tier. The league will be first come first serve as far as owners signing up for it. Hopefully we can get the required number of teams.

Here is a signup link…

I am open to changes in the settings as agreed to by those participating in a majority type fashion.

Jody Wood

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I’d be in, if we commit to the draft time. If it’s flexible and subject to change, I’m out. Let me know tomorrow how this looks.

Currently we have a need for 9 more owners. There are a few interested but the date/time does not work.

Keep me posted when you set draft date and time firm. If I can make it, I’m in.

Now we need 8 owners for draft Wednesday. Not sure how it works if it does not fill.

I’m in if it can start later tonight

I’m in. I’d prefer Head to head, but I’m cool with straight points if most of the other owners want to keep it that way…

You can cancel the league tonight, or try to fill after the season starts. I’ll be able to get this league a refund either way.

Like I said if u need one last min count me in but if we could start like 930 it would work out best

I pushed the draft day and time to … Draft Day: Friday, March 30, 2018 8:30 PM EDT. I hope that works for the 8 owners who signed up and hopefully in the meantime we can find 4 more.

I’d love to but I can’t do Friday. Tonight is the last night I can draft until after the Easter holidays.

Are there still openings for this league? I’m new to Ottoneu and couldn’t find it listed anywhere to see if there were. If so, is the draft time still March 30th at 8:30 PM EDT? I was hoping for SABR points but might join since there aren’t many leagues open right now.

Count me in, thanks for throwing this out to the general pop.

As of now, the league has filled. Unless someone leaves for some unknown reason.

@pompfantasy and @Rhedd - any interest in joining a new league if we can get 12 together for a Sunday or Monday night draft? Be missing the first half-week of the season but I’d be down to host one.

Yeah, I’d be interested. Same format? I would prefer SABR points, but it’s not a big deal if you want to do FanGraphs. Can we make the draft at 8:30 PM EDT (or later) one of those days?

Yep, let me know the draft details and I will be there. Thanks.

Yep I would be interested if y’all are gonna set up another league

@pompfantasy @Rhedd @kwkistner - looks like we have 4. 8 more to go. Please help to recruit. I’ll check the plans with the wife for a 830 EST start to the draft on Sunday or Monday and get back to everyone. I prefer the classic 5x5 and have never done SABR, but I’m open to being convinced. Do we have a preferred price tier?

My brother and myself would be available for a league also if needed