Football change cap reversed on view trade page

Looks like the “Cap available will change by” section of the trade screen is bugged, I (Buffalo All-Americans) just proposed a trade in League #130 where I should be losing $5 in cap space but it shows my cap space changing by +$5 and trade partner -$5.

Investigating. Is this while you are putting the trade together or after you submit the trade? Does the loan number look correct once you “review” your trade proposal?

Both, it definitely looks the opposite of what I would expect when reviewing an open offer or looking at a prior rejected offer.

To clarify, it looks like the Cap Space section when I’m composing a trade offer shows the Cap change correctly, but when reviewing the open offer the Cap available figures don’t look correct

Yep I see it. Not in the trade wizard, but when reviewing an open trade the cap available number does not look right.

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This won’t actually affect how loans or cap changes are implemented once a trade is processed, but is a display problem that I’m investigating.

Right, and I already had one trade rejected with a note that they didn’t want to lose cap space, when they in fact were gaining cap space, which is why I noticed this bug

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This should now be fixed.

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