Football tweaks & edits

  1. Football team pages recently lost the position column, but I’d like to see it brought back. I used it all the time to easily sort rosters while looking for teams to trade with and see who was strong / weak at certain positions.

  2. I’m not sure if this is possible, but another tweak I’d find helpful would be to show dud weeks on player pages. Hunter Henry was a healthy start in weeks 1 and 3 (he played 23 and 41 snaps, respectively), but he had 0 catches. As such, neither of those weeks show up on his player page, which makes it look as if he was injured or didn’t play those weeks. Perhaps if a player is on the field for at least 1 snap, they should get a weekly entry that shows they played and scored nothing.

  3. Adding fumbles to player pages would be good too. I know Alex Collins has lost 2 fumbles this season, but those negative scoring stats aren’t carried over to the player page.

Just a few stray thoughts and ideas I had over the past weeks!

  1. I just removed that, forgetting about this use case. Was fiddling around last night, will bring it back ASAP.
  2. I’ll look into this but this may be a limitation of our data provider.
  3. Yes!

1 and 3 are done, 2 is going to require some conversations with our data provider. Thanks for the feedback!

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Sweet, thanks Niv!

Few more tweak ideas I’ve jotted down recently:

  • Hyperlinking to trades under Transaction History on player’s pages would be nice, similar to how baseball is done.

  • My leaguemates have mentioned they’d really appreciate some sort of price alert in a confirmation box before starting an auction. We’ve had teams start auctions for players who they thought would be starting at $1, when in reality they were previously owned for $6 and thus making the starting bid at $3 minimum. The current box says “Are you sure you wish to start this auction?”, maybe adding “…at $X?” to the end would do the trick.

  • Not sure if this feature is still being worked on, but the links to previous season standings in both my leagues have led to 404 pages since the start of this season.


Free agents now have their minimum bid listed below the start auction link.

The other two requests are doable but will take a little longer. I’m fighting deeply with the past standings, but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel…

I lied about past standings, I already had reached the end of the tunnel. They should now be available!

Heck yeah, thanks Niv!

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Going forward, when a player has been traded the ‘move’ text will link to the trade itself, much like it does on baseball.