Free Agent Auction period

Is there any way we can have a 24 hour Free Agent auction time instead of 48 like with trades? One of the BIGGEST gripes I get from my leaguemates, as commish, is the waivers process. I had at least four teams leave over the past two seasons because of it.

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Waivers are 24 hours. What are the issues with the current waiver process?

Duh, I’m having a senior moment at 45! I meant player auctions.

So you’ve had owners quit playing because auction bidding lasts too long?

yes, they don’t like having to wait two days to add players. That has been the only complaint about the format. I had the 16 teams H2H that dropped to 14 last year. We lost another 4 after this season. Common reason? 48 hour auctions. I’m just asking for it to be an option, like the trade reviews.