Free agent bid bug?

Framber Valdez was a free agent in our league. He was cut and his prior salary was $8.
This morning, I went to start an auction for him.
I only have $1 in cap space and I had forgotten that you had to bid half (?) of the players salary if they were cut.
So, after starting the auction, I entered $1 for the bid amount.
When I clicked submit, I received a message “One or more of your bids were under the minimum required”.
At that point, I went back to the league dashboard.
We now have an auction running for Framber Valdez, which I theoretically started.
The auction does NOT show in bold.
When I go to current bids, it shows that I have no bids associated to the auction.

It is possible that someone started an auction for Framber Valdez at the same time I did. However, I believe this is now a phantom auction for Valdez.
Not sure if this is a bug. Wanted to bring it to your attention though.

The bold is pretty subtle, I’ll admit.

You probably started this auction, and you have to bid $4, and if you don’t enter a number in there the system will automatically put a $4 bid in for you. The auction starting is not tied to you entering a bid.

Actually this is a good point - I’ll change the auctions page to highlight the auctions you’ve started, rather than place them in bold, which isn’t necessarily noticeable.

I started another auction to show you the results.

You can see that the Daniel Bard auction is in bold. The Framber Valdez is not.

This is my second season doing Ottoneu. I THINK I remember that if I had bid on Valdez, it would show $4 in the Your Bid box. Not 100% sure.

Ok so I’m not sure what you think the bug is, but:

  1. if you enter $1, it will not enter $4 into the box for you. The box can and will remain empty until you put in a bid that is valid. Once you put in a valid bid, it will stay there.

  2. It looks like someone else started that Valdez auction, yeah.

OK - so it looks like someone else started the Valdez auction. However it appeared as an auction at the same time that I performed the above actions.

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Yeah, pretty wild! I get why it was confusing.

Just to confirm, I see 2 auctions for Framber Valdez, one in league 26 and another in league 220. Both were started by actual teams and no league has multiple Valdez auctions or anything like that. Just a pretty unlikely quirk.

OK - this happened with league 220.
Can you see if there is a non-zero dollar bid for Valdez in league 220? (you don’t have to tell me amount, but my thought is there is not a non-zero dollar bid)

If the min bid is $4, there won’t be a $1 bid. You yourself wrote you got the message “One or more of your bids were under the minimum required”.

Correct. I think that at the time the auction was created, there were no non-zero dollar bids.