Gauging Interest in an all European/Expat League

Hello everyone-

Tired of waking up at 2AM for your draft? Frustrated at trying to explain OBP in German? I would like to start a new league exclusively for those of us baseball fans living in exile (there must be DOZENS of us, right?).

Would be looking to do a FG points league with 12 teams, probably a $50 buy-in to start the first year.

Ideally looking for other people residing in central-ish Europe with the goal of eventually (ie in a post-pandemic world) conducting in-person drafts. Could potentially lead to future beer drinkings, and maybe even gasp a live baseball game.

Depending on interest/feedback I’ll get something up and running and we can figure out best method and timing for draft.

I am endorsing this on the strongest possible terms. @jgshanas is a founding member of league 1 and has been playing Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball since the very beginning.

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I’m extremely tired of waking at 2AM for my draft and I’m all in on this - although I’m a Brit living in the UK, not an expat, so not sure if I qualify? But if so, count me in.

All Brits are welcome, so no worries. Well, except for Michael Gove. He’s a wanker.


Looks like it’s just the two of us then. Maybe everyone else on these forums really likes Michael Gove?

Yes @jgshanas! If this league is happening I’ll take a spot. I left league 52 2 years ago when I moved to Switzerland. Picking up a few leagues again this year, but a Euro-centric one would be amazing.

You can reach me at

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Ok, we’re up to 3 people with interest so far (restrained yay!). If we can reach critical mass in the next week or two we can try to get a draft hammered down. If not, I’ll leave this up and continue to solicit throughout the season with an eye towards next season.