Ground Floor, New League: FanGraphs Points, $50

Howdy. My brother and I are eager to explore the Ottoneu experience. We have a solid group of managers that have been playing dynasty fantasy baseball for quite a long time. We’re looking to add more, enthusiastic and eager, players to get to 12 teams!

We’re thinking that FanGraphs Points, $50 buy-in, would be a good starting point. We’re flexible and open to any suggestions or ideas, as well.

Hope all is well with you and yours :metal:

This would be my first time doing an Ottoneu league, but I am very interested. If you prefer more experienced players, I understand. Please let me know!

I am also interested. First time on Ottoneu, but planning on being an active manager. Let me know if you’ve got a spot, thanks!


I’m interested. I’ve done ottoneu before, but only for a couple of years. I know the basics.

I would be interested if it is not too late. I have never done an Ottoneu league before.

I’m interested if you still have space- thx

The final invitation has been sent for the last spot in our league. If that should fall through, joskareva will be offered the final spot. Thank you to all that have helped us in starting our new league. Very exciting :metal:


I am interested. 1st year playing in this format.

I’m interested if any spots are still available.