H2H GS including postponed games

Hey Niv, it looks like there is a bug with GS for H2H leagues. For example if you look here: https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/1126/game?id=16525 you’ll see that Wahoo! has 2 GS starts remaining but that they have only started 5 games (at least from what I can tell - I’ve counted them three times). I can’t see anything under the hood, but my guess is that it’s counting a GS from Mahle on the 28th despite him being in an RP slot and thus not earning any SP points (I specifically started him there because I only wanted to get points if they changed their mind and used him as a piggy back starter and not waste a GS).

Y’all… have an 8 GS cap?


So wait, Wahoo’s used 6 of their 8 starts and have 2 remaining? What’s the bug?

Yeah sorry, meant to type 5 - just fixed the typo.

Ah ok. Let me look.

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It’s double counting today’s Gerrit Cole start because of the weird Yankees schedule stuff.

ah ok, great times. thanks for looking into it!

Yep, I’ll have this fixed shortly.

This should now be fixed.