H2H Leagues with customizeable categories


What are the odds we could create H2H leagues with custom categories? I would move my long-standing dynasty league from Yahoo to Ottoneu in a heartbeat if I could get the desired categories in place.

Creating a league and setting changes

I think there are two requests combined here:

  1. Category-based H2H (as opposed to the points games that are currently available)

  2. Customizable scoring

Both of these wishlist items are very interesting to me and I’d like to address them both, but I cannot guarantee them before the 2019 season at this time.


The category-based H2H request is also mentioned here:


Hi @nivshah

Our league follows 4x4 Classic Scoring. We are very interested in playoffs. Moving to the FanGraphs or SABR scoring systems for playoffs is giving us pause (we know it is not required to have playoffs, but we are excited about the idea). These scoring systems include many categories not found in 4x4 (steals, caught stealing, saves, holds, etc). And, we’re wondering if that’s a good idea to run a team one way for 80% of the season, and then switch for the last month to determine the winner.

So, as a wishlist item, we kindly request some thought given to opening up playoffs to all scoring categories. It could still be H2H, but just using the 4x4 categories. Is there is prohibitive reason that doesn’t allow a mix of H2H with 4x4?

Thanks as always,


Hey @nivshah - I see the related questions. One difference is that we are fine with the 4x4 categories, but just want to see them in the playoffs.

And, I cleaned up my dual wishlist post and split off the other idea.


Per this post:

So this thread tracks requests for category-based H2H, which includes category-based H2H playoffs.