H2H Playoff Presentation

Looking at my H2H League Playoffs Page (congrats Vegan Man!), I find it hard to track the playoff tree. This is a very minor issue, but here’s a few ideas:

  1. Present most recent matchup first (reverse chronological order)
  2. Boldly label the championship match. The gold vs. bronze trophy icons are nearly indistinguishable.
  3. Present the playoffs as brackets. Here’s an example from an ESPN league:


I second this and would prefer the playoff tree in point 3.


Would it be possible to add a playoff bracket section? I’m currently on bye for the first week of playoffs, but would love to see who I’m playing next week and to see how my team would have scored in the bye week.

Matchups are reseeded based on who wins, so there isn’t really a bracket in the traditional sense.

I’ll consider a better presentation for teams on bye - seeing a lineup was mentioned to me by @henry1978j and seeing your score for the bye week also makes sense to me.

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Just realized I merged a football request with a baseball request but the overarching “better presentation during the playoffs” is cross-sport I think.

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Okay, thanks, some form of bracket or some way to show who we’d play would be great! Definitely seeing the points we’d get on the bye week too! Appreciate the quick response and feedback!