Head-to-Head scoring coming to Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball in 2018

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Yeah! So every league will have the opportunity (before the season starts) to enable the playoffs. However, the playoffs will be a head-to-head points matchup following the rules of head-to-head here - you can pick between FanGraphs Points or SABR Points for your playoffs, and there will be 2 SP slots and 1 C, etc.

All leagues will have the option of playing a season-long roto or points league and have the playoffs kick in in September. Kind of a final sprint after the summer marathon.

Yep! Same roster rules, etc.

Similar to the multiple matchup question, I think ‘luck’ in this case is a feature. It’s not just a feature, it is the defining feature. So for 2018, records will still be the defining criteria for playoff teams.

This is a big, big deal. Major (positive) change to existing points leagues. I think this is similar to what @DSpracale requested long ago if I understand it correctly.

So per your earlier post, if we wanted to implement playoffs in an existing, non-H2H league, we would:

  • Need to select playoffs prior to the start of the season
  • Need to select either 2 or 3 division setup
  • Need to select either wild card or no wild card (is this dependent on which divisional setup is selected?)

All playoffs begin September 1st? What happens to the rest of the season if the four team playoff is selected? By my count the playoffs would be over at the end of the second week of September, correct?

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Once the options are live (and I’ll make sure to announce that loudly!), you’ll be able to enable playoffs and some default options will be created. You’ll have the ability to change divisions around, enable or disable a wild-card.

“Wild card” means 6 teams make the playoffs, regardless of the number of divisions in the league.

If there isn’t a wild-card round, only 4 teams make the playoffs, and I think starting the second week of September makes sense in this case. I have the impression avoiding the last week of September for meaningful fantasy baseball matchups is a good idea, but I’m happy to get more feedback on this.


I strongly agree: there will be one global trade deadline. Maybe we can see how the first year goes and based on feedback, it can globally be moved in 2019 if necessary.

Other than facing the #1 or #2 seeded teams in the 2nd round, will there be any other “penalty” for Wild Card teams when they face off in the first round of playoffs?

I think having a GS or innings cap each week would limit streaming more than having just 2SP slots. People are going to try to make sure they have someone to start each of those 7 days instead of playing the best pitchers they have available to them.


That makes sense, and a 60IP limit seems like the right number.


I don’t think they should… Don’t fight the luck, embrace the luck… This is basically my entire approach to this project :slight_smile:

For the 4 team playoffs, will there be an option of making the playoff matchups two weeks a piece?

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Again, regarding existing points leagues that adopt the September playoff format:

Those leagues would function like today’s points leagues but the top 4 (or 6) teams based on total points would get into the playoffs, correct?

Once playoffs start they would function according to H2H playoff rules, but just want to confirm how teams actually make the playoffs in non-H2H leagues.

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No, I think that would be counter to the goal of introducing some luck-based excitement to Ottoneu. Well, let me say no for 2018, at least.

Yeah, I guess I had the assumption that leagues with playoffs would also have divisions, but I can see how that is actively harmful in non-head-to-head leagues. So let me process that out a bit more. I think what you described (top 4 or 6 on straight standings get in) makes the most sense.


With the leagues having divisions, will there be unbalanced schedules, each team facing their division opponents more than out of division opponents?

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I’d like to do this, but it will end up depending on how my second pass at a schedule generator goes. In football, it is unbalanced, but the number of weeks and limitation on options combine to make it work out perfectly. Once I’m further along on execution I will be able to speak to this with more authority.


Would there be any way to expand the league to 14-16 teams? I’d love to move my CBS H2H league over to Ottoneu

A lot of the economy is pretty hardcoded around a 12 team league, but I’d love to test this out with you if you’d be open to it. We have had some light success with 10-team leagues. Shoot me a note, help@ottoneu.com

Ya, I’d love to. We were talking about moving to Fantrax for 2018 but Ottoneu is just so much better, I’ll send you an email

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Will divisions stay the same every year, or be randomized each year? Having them be the same would build rivalries and make trading in the division interesting.