Highlight Team on Roto Standings Page

On the standings page highlight the line belonging to the owner’s team so that when you sort by the various categories the eye is quickly drawn to the team’s place in the standings in that particular category. I see this being useful in the roto standings when you’re sorting by the raw statistics. I frequently sort by these individual stat categories to see where I am relative to the other teams and, thus, where I might need to improve. Having my team highlighted would make this a bit cleaner and faster. Thanks!

Your team used to be highlighted on this page. So, something here is broken.

This is fixed. If you have a team in the league, its row will be highlighted in the rankings and statistics tables.

You’re right, it highlights on my phone and but not in my web browser (I was using Chrome on a Windows machine). I shut that computer down already, so I’ll test later. Sorry about that!

It wasn’t highlighting anywhere, but now once caches are cleared it’ll highlight everywhere!

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This is great. Thanks for reimplementing.

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