How does the Ottoneu DL work?

I have several players on the DL in real life. But unless I’m doing it wrong, ottoneu will only allow me to put 1 on my team’s DL. Is that right? If not, how am I supposed to do this?

This is how the DL works in Ottoneu:

There are designations of 10-day DL and 60-day DL that come from real-life roster moves. If a player is moved to the 60-day DL in real life, you will get an extra roster spot for that player. If they are on the 10-day DL, you will not.

The lineups page has a DL section so you can move injured players “out of the way”, so to speak.

There is no Ottoneu DL other than this, and owners have no agency to add players to or remove players from the DL - the designations are 100% tied to the player’s MLB or MILB status.

Ok gotcha. Thanks Niv

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