How is the GS cap handled in a H2H league with weekly lineups?

A couple of us newbies in league 1286 are trying to figure out how starting pitching works.
We have a H2H points league with weekly lineups and, at present, a GS cap of 0. The rules translate this to 2 SP slots per day. With weekly lineups, does this really mean we can only start 2 pitchers each week??

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Your playoffs are H2H but your regular season is not.

You’ll have weekly lineups and 5 SP spots during the regular season.

Your playoffs will be daily lineups and 2 SP slots per day.

Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball does not offer H2H leagues with weekly lineups.


This clears up a lot of stuff, thanks. It looks like I conflated the in-season vs post-season format differences.

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commish of the league here, thank you for your quick response, i also have a follow-up question just for clarification. Since we are still in the middle of the our draft (we paused for one week) we cannot see the lineup page. Is it safe to assume that the “roster organization” page is similar to what to expect when we see the lineup, with the exception of the second catcher? how is that handled? does the catcher in the first spot collect stats and the catcher in the second only collect if the 1st is not starting?

Roster Organizer functions like the Lineups page with the exception of having a few more options in the Organizer: group guys to be traded or cut.

You can start two catchers a day but you have a 162 game cap. Both will collect stats until you max out at 162 games.