How should a competitive team be built?

Assuming you are playing in a first year league, and that you want to be competitive (top two finish), and every player can be purchased at auction for exactly their value, how much do you want your most expensive player to cost?

  • No limit ($70+)
  • Less than $70 ($60-$69)
  • Less than $60 ($50-$59)
  • Less than $50 ($40-$49)
  • Less than $40 ($0-$39)

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I voted no limit, but I say that acknowledging I likely won’t own a 70+ player. In theory if everyone is at value, I am indifferent every team spends $400 for $400 of value. In practice, I probably Max out in 40s

Yeah I probably should have worded the question and options a bit differently, I was more interested in what owners are doing in practice as they approach first year auctions.

I paid just over or under 50 for 3 hitters in my first auction last year (Stanton, Pollack, Gordon), and got little value from any 3 of them, and still won the league. Could have been luck of course but I feel it’s partially having more dollars at the end to get better quality guys that were overlooked (Murphy, Trumbo, Myers).

I’m firmly in the “many eggs, many baskets” camp. Spread out the risk so you aren’t derailed by a single injury and give yourself more flexibility financially. I’ll pay even less for my top pitcher relative to my top hitter.