How to handle teams not participating in the draft

I am in 7 baseball leagues that drafted this year. Only one league had everyone drafting. Most were missing just one owner. None of them have quit after the draft . I am wondering what your experience was during and after the draft.Those teams rarely do well but they do control the free agent board with large bids for awhile. Is there anything we can do for should we do about it. Thoughts?

I’m a commish of a league where one person had $90+ dollars, couldn’t show up to the draft and didn’t find a proxy. I was disappointed, but he’s been very active in filling his roster with FA pickups and actually his team looks somewhat competitive.

If he had been inactive following the draft, I would have considered replacing him. So unless they are active, I’d look to replace the owners who didn’t show up to the draft if they haven’t been active ASAP.

Leagues that have been abandoned (i.e., paid for) are easier to find replacement owners than expired teams in the off-season. But if a guy is being active with FA pickups, then I wouldn’t replace him quite yet. Although if he starts neglecting his team (i.e., not making FA pickups, not setting lineups, etc.), then reach out once to encourage/warn him, and then replace him if he doesn’t start participating.