How to pay for Ottoneu with Paydala

We are going live with Paydala tonight or tomorrow morning. Here is me renewing one of my basketball teams in my testing environment against Paydala’s testing environment

A couple of things to note:

  1. The first time you pay, you may be asked for personal information to prove you are who you say you are (i.e. SSN, home address). This is for compliance reasons both for Paydala and for us. The requirements for some of this information should ease in the near future, but for now, Paydala requires it.

  2. If you choose to pay directly from your bank account, you’ll have the opportunity to search for your banking institution and log in to their site directly to allow funding from Paydala. This is also a first-time thing, I believe.

I will update this thread when we are live and ready to accept payments and extend everyone’s Ottoneu teams!


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I can’t find the link to renew my football team on my dashboard. Has Paydala not gone live yet, or am I missing something obvious? Both seem equally likely. :slight_smile:

Not live yet. Working on finalizing a contract and seeing if they can help us with a new version of their product before we go live. Will update soon.

Should note that this most likely means a significant change to renewal deadlines, which I’ll announce soon.


I’ve bumped the Ottoneu Fantasy Football payment deadline to 9/30, as we continue to work with Paydala on some new features specifically for Ottoneu customers.


The Ottoneu Fantasy Basketball renewal deadline has been extended to 9/30/23 as we work with Paydala for the aforementioned new functionality.

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This thread is meant to be an announcement/information thread. If you have any questions, please read the other relevant threads on the forums and reach out to


Paydala is testing out the new features we requested and renewal links should go live sometime next week. If you have any questions, please do not reply to this thread and instead email


Do not reply to this thread, it is meant for announcements. If you have a question, email


Hopefuly this is the final update before we start taking payments again.

This week, our new payment provider is releasing a change that removes KYC checks for all payments on their platform. This means that Paydala and its underlying bank will not require SSN or home address when taking payments for your Ottoneu teams.

Once this change is live, the payment links will re-appear on your user dashboard and the Join / Create league pages will be re-enabled.

I will have an update about how we will send out prizes in a week or so, but please note that if you are an American citizen, we are required to do a KYC and AML check in order to send you money due to a combination of federal regulations and a variety of state laws.


We are extending football and basketball payment deadlines for 2023 only to October 14. That should be reflected on the site shortly.