Ideas for arbitration page

In the final table that is currently labeled “Other Allocations”, I would find it helpful to have more data to easily understand the pending impact on player salaries. Here is what I would like to see with an example:

Player Team Current Salary Other Allocations Your Allocations
Jose Altuve Winnetka Twins $26 $9 $2

I am constantly having to open up the individual player pages to know their current salary, and then flip back and forth between the top and bottom of the arbitration page to remember who I allocated to and how much.

Not sure how well this would work on a mobile with 5 columns, but I am not sure how many do arbitration on a mobile anyway.



I have slightly redone the arbitration overview page to condense the information into less tables and present projected salaries, etc.

Sweet! You rock Niv!

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I just saw it. Looks great. This and the pts/g and pts/IP are great additions


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