Imaginary Hammers (4x4 $20) needs one owner

Active, engaged, and original (est. 2011) league Imaginary Hammers (4x4, $20) has 11 owners returning for this year, but needs one replacement for a retiree.

The team is “Fish”, and roster can be viewed here: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - team - Imaginary Hammers - Fish

Best assets according to the Surplus Calculator are $14 Eloy Jimenez, $4 Corbin Burnes, and $8 Lance McCullers, but up to you how you want to deal with the possibilities.

By league agreement, we did not add arbitration dollars this offseason, and are allowing all teams free cuts up until February 28. Auction draft tentatively set for Sunday, March 21 at 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT.

Join simply by finding the team on the Claim page, or messaging me your fangraphs ID.

Hi, new fish here. Is the team still available?

It is indeed. Either message our commish, the threadstarter, or go here ( and search for “fish” and claim the squad.

Indeed still available, and we’d love to have you @deadpullpaulie !

Also evidenced right here we’ve got some rad owners like Mateo who are committed and engaged enough to go on message boards and do other things to make my job easier.

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I just claimed the team. Looking forward to the season.

Sweet, welcome! League is now full.