In the "Next 7" view, can Sunday have a thicker vertical line?

Hello. We play H2H with a cap of eight starts per matchup. I typically set rosters on my phone. When I’m planning out my week of starters, I often change to the “Next 7” view to see their projected starts. Now, when I scroll down to the guys on my bench, the header showing me the dates and days leaves the screen and is not visible. So, I find myself scrolling up and down a lot just to reorient myself as to where Sunday is (Sunday being the critical day of the last day of the round) so I know where to stop counting starts in my head.

Would it be possible if the right-side border of the Sunday column had a thicker line? That way I can see the end of the matchup even without the header. Or, some other more clever way to denote the last day of the round?

Now, we know there are a couple rounds that have different numbers of days like the opening weeks and around the All Star break. So, I admit it wouldn’t quite fit for those particular rounds. But, for the other 24 or so rounds, it would help the interface, at least on a mobile device.

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I’ve added a thicker vertical line to the right border of the last day of the game week to the lineup page. I think this should help on mobile when scoping out a lineup for the full week.


Thanks @nivshah ! Looks great… Here’s a good example where I can see clearly who is in the round and who is not: