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If you have invalid lineup, i know you still get stats. Does the last lineup you made play? I’m thinking about leaving my lineup invalid for the day to get my hitters at-bats that i want more today than the RP i just added. I know you i want to cut. But again, prefer to have one more day of his at-bats. Anyone ever do that strategically? Or should i make my team valid right away?

Make your team valid.

The only time when I don’t immediately make my team valid is the rare time when a trade that will make me legal is being processed.

First Time Poster — I hope my question is clear.

Follow-up to this original question about invalid lineups:

My league is a weekly line-up, points league. Due to this random 11AM game today (Monday), the lineup locked much earlier than I expected, so a few Auctions I had started didnt end until 1PM today. This means those new players can’t be placed in a lineup until next Monday. (My fault — no big deal). However, my team is now in a invalid status due to being over the roster limit. Here is my question (not totally sure how I have never asked this after 4 years of playing lol):

If I cut a player who is locked into my lineup for the week to make my team valid:
a) does that player keep accruing stats for me for the remainder of the week because hes locked in the lineup?
b)If no, does that position in my lineup become open and can it be filled with someone else?
or c) I loose the ability to accrue points for the cut player for the remainder of the week AND I am not able to fill that roster spot until next Monday meaning that roster position will not earn any points once I cut that player.

Thanks for the help!

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Yes they accrue stats for you once they lock. You cannot rage cut a bad start out of your lineup, for example.

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Thanks! This was very helpful.