Issue with Restricted Free Agents in the Draft Room

League 235 has RFAs continuing to show up on the draftable players list. They can be drafted, but then can immediately be re-nominated and bid on. Can this be looked into/fixed?

Will see what’s up with this. Could you tell me one of your RFAs?

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Thanks Niv! Shane Bieber is the one we first encountered it on


Ok I’m investigating.

Where do RFAs who are already drafted show up as nominate-able? Top players (the links under the search box) or when you search for their names or both?

Find players box.

Fried/Hiura/Wander were already drafted

Yordan still hasn’t been nominated along with Luis Robert

Also when you search the name, both.

The only FAs limiter blocks them out.

It does, but it also blocks out the 2 remaining RFA’s that haven’t been nominated

Does it though? I don’t see that it does

we’re going to nom the other 2 next…

Ok, this should be fixed! Was caching if a player was voted off, forgot to invalidate that cache once the player was drafted.