Joe Ross pitching first in resumption of suspended game 8/11/21

Looks like someone started a thread but deleted it. I assume this is not considered a start for Ross since it is resuming in the 2nd inning, but hoping for a confirmation before I set a lineup.


This is just like any other suspended game. He’s not starting and the lineup was set yesterday.

As a reminder:

What I mean here is that the Ottoneu lineups from yesterday remain in place for the suspended game today. When you set your lineups today it only affects the game originally scheduled for today, not the resumed suspended game.

The only teams that will get Joe Ross’s (or Stroman? whoever the Mets are throwing) stats are ones who put him for some reason in RP yesterday.

As always, all stats will be reflected correctly tomorrow sometime.

Why is this the rule though? It makes no sense to basically just erase the Joe Ross start from this week. It’s essentially a new game.

It’s not a new game. It’s the 2nd inning and the Nats are up 3-1. You can’t move players in your lineup in the middle of a baseball game.

This is also how MLB treats it - Carrasco started yesterday, but he is not available out of the pen today. If Soto had come out of the game for the second inning yesterday, he would not be available to come back today.

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In addition to what Niv and chy924 said, I think this is just an unfortunate fringe scenario that would be impossible to create a unique rule for. Would an adjustment be made only for season long starters, how do you define starter with followers and owners? What if all the relievers pitched on the day the suspended game is recorded? I feel the frustration, particularly in a h2h league, the potential lost points hurt, but I’m not sure there is anything reasonable to be done. Suspended games just really suck!

It’s not like the Nats can only play Ross in the game because he was slotted in as a RP for yesterday’s game. The bench/SP/RP tag is purely an Ottoneu tag.

For the Nats-Mets game that is being resumed today, you set your Ottoneu lineup yesterday. Once a game starts, you cannot move players who have been locked into that game.

It has nothing to do with position eligibility and everything to do with once a MLB game starts, you cannot move players around in your lineup who are playing in that game. The game started yesterday, it is 3-1 in the top of the second.

Thanks. New to Ottoneu, but I actually knew this rule due to the Soto Time Blast a few years ago. Apparently my brain wasn’t firing on all cylinders this morning, and the pitching aspect threw me off.


No worries! That Soto time machine blast is still my favorite.

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So if I want to get Rich Hill in the lineup for tonight’s suspended game, I should put him in at RP, correct? Technically he’s coming in for the 2nd inning.

No, you can’t get him in the lineup today. The game started yesterday and lineups for the game locked when the game started. If you had Hill in your lineup as a RP yesterday you would get his points, but if you didn’t, you can’t change that now.

Makes sense, thanks!

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Just to be clear - you can get Rich Hill in the lineup today, but it’ll be for the game that is actually scheduled for today between the Nats and the Mets. He’s already locked for the game that began yesterday.