Ke’Bryan Hayes put on bench by autobench

I started Hayes in my 725 lineup at 3B today 6/3 but now he has appeared on my bench. Anyway to reverse the process? Related to his move from 60 IL? Thanks. Team: Monongahela Monster.

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I’m not 100% sure what this was related to, but I’ve made a code change to try to mitigate autobench getting a little too aggressive, which has been a recurring issue.

I’m going to go through the teams affected by Hayes being benched by autobench and try to get them back to the lineup where I can.


For the record, this one was big - 56(!) teams were affected by whatever autobench was up to today. I apologize, hopefully the changes I made in code will prevent this from happening in the future.


I’ve put my best effort into fixing lineups related to this issue. Please reach out to me ASAP if you see any issues with lineups in your league.

Thank you for being patient on this bug, everyone.

Count me as affected! Thanks for looking into and addressing.

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Of the 56 teams affected, I was able to get him back into the lineup for 54(!). 2 teams had placed someone else in the lineup before I was able to address the issue.

Again if you see any issues regarding Hayes in the lineup for today, let me know.