Ke'Bryan Hayes inconsistently autobenched 9/20/21

Hi Niv,

Lot of moving parts here, but Ke’Bryan Hayes hasn’t been autobenched today and I think he should have. Scheduled start time for the PIT @ CIN game was 6:40 p.m. ET. The Pirates didn’t publish a lineup until 5:59 p.m. ET. As I write this (at 6:49 ET), the game is in a rain delay.

Is there any way you can boot him where appropriate, in time for the next cutoff in 10 minutes?

The autobench feature is beholden to whatever lineups we get from out providers and sometimes these things happen.

Makes sense. But in this case, I think the lineup was probably posted in time. Is it possible the rain delay is the issue? Since the game hasn’t started yet, is the autobench process unintentionally paused?

No, we don’t look at rain delay info at all, don’t have it.

OK. It’s a bummer, but thanks for the quick replies.

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I’m also pretty sure he is currently being autobenched. Why it is lagging 45 minutes late, I am not sure, but the logs indicate he has been autobenched for multiple teams today.


He’s still stuck in my active lineup in 752.

Yeah I have no idea. Locked for some people at 6:35p ET, but saw some teams have him autobenched as well. Might be a race condition with when the site tried to lock Hayes (since it processes leagues linearly) compared to when Rotowire updated their lineups for the Pirates.

Bottom line, it is what it is. I’ll spend some time in the offseason making the lineup locking process a little bit tighter which should make this more consistent, but this looks like a pretty rare situation tied to the Pirates posting lineups really late and Rotowire updating their Pirates lineup even later.

Yeah, starting to think this is the order of operations here:

Sometime this afternoon - Our lineup data provider publishes a projected lineup for the Pirates that includes Ke’Bryan Hayes.
6pm ET - Pirates post a lineup really late for whatever reason, Hayes is not in it.
6:35p ET - Site starts locking players in the Pirates-Reds game. We have not yet received any updates from our data provider so the site believes Hayes is in the lineup and locks him into the lineup accordingly for a number of teams. This process happens pretty fast.
~6:38p or around thereabouts - We get an update from our lineup provider that Hayes is in fact not in the lineup. Leagues that were actually locked AFTER this update show Hayes as benched and autobench benches him as expected.

This is a pretty tough situation! There are a few things I can speed up to make this better in the future:

  1. I will check how often we get lineups from our lineup provider. Perhaps we could be getting updates faster, and if so maybe the Hayes update would have come before 6:35pm.
  2. This is an offseason project but I’d like it not to take 2-3 minutes or even longer for lineups to properly lock. The system was built when there were way fewer than our current 350ish leagues, so it has slowed considerably and deserves a review.

I will look into 1 very soon. I know it is at the very least annoying when a confluence of events causes a feature to not do what you want, so I apologize for that for anyone affected by this with Hayes today, and hopefully the steps I’ve outlined here show that I have some ideas on how to make sure it does not happen again.