Last 7 Day Stat Summary in Lineups Page

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It seems as though the the Last 7 Day Stat summary isn’t pulling in the stats from immediately preceeding day. For example, today (6/7) the Last 7 Day Summary says that Hunter Renfroe has 1 home run, when he hit a pair yesterday (6/6), which should make his total 3 for the past 7 days.


I’m not sure what time the previous day’s results are added, but looking now it looks like the previous day’s results are included. So, sometime between 10am ET and 12:30pm ET. I’ll see if I can get that moved up to earlier in the day, but I’m sure there’s a relationship between that timing and making sure most of the scoring decisions are official.


It is 2:40 EDT on 4/25 and 7 day stats still look wonky. Salvador Perez who played last night shows zero PAs/ABs for last 7 days. Eduardo Escobar has had 23PAs /20 ABs between 4/18-4/24 and shows 16PAs / 14ABs which indicates 4/18 was excluded but apparently includes last night. 15 day stats look ok.


Wait, this was opened 11 months ago. Have “past 7 day stats” been broken this whole time?


Don’t know. Never paid much attention before.


And yet you chose to use the word ‘still’

Today’s the 25th, so 7 days ago was the 19th, right?


Are you saying last 7 days includes today and not 7 days prior to today?


Yeah, well, maybe that isn’t what it should do, but that is what it is doing. It’s the last 7 days, inclusive.

That does not explain Salvador Perez not having any PAs, but at least explains the Eduardo Escobar discrepancy. I’m open to the notion that it should be the last 7 days prior to today.


If last 7 days does not update today’s stats live, then it seems last 7 should be 7 days prior.


Yeah that makes a lot of sense to me. Let me figure out what is up with Salvador Perez first, and then I’ll focus on the larger change.



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Ok, correcting an earlier sentence: it looks like 7 days ahead of the 25th is actually the 18th (which is what I guess we should all expect). So, looking into this further.


I found a deeper bug in how these stats were pulled. I believe this bug has been addressed, and the stats @Mulligan mentioned should be better now.

EDIT And so we’re all on the same page, 7 days before the 25th will now be the 18th-24th, inclusive.


Francisco Cervelli 7 days shows 11 ABs and 3 hits which are the stats for 4/21-4/26, i.e. excludes 4/27. Same situation with Jacob Realmuto so I assume it is not a one off. Is it just a timing issue where “7 days” isn’t updated until noon or later? It is now 11:22 AM Eastern.


I found another thing that was being stored in cache a little too long. Could you let me know if Cervelli’s stats are showing the correct values now, i.e. including 4/27’s stats?

EDIT The “Last 7 Days” should update around 4am every day.


Stats are now up to date. Thanks.