Lg 724 Team Available - $20 5x5

League 724 is looking for a new manager to take over the team helpfully named “OPEN TEAM”:


This is a young team with a lot of upside and only one salary (Alex Bregman) over $27. The pitching corps includes Sale, Flaherty, Paddack, Wheeler, an injured Clevinger, and a bevy of top prospects. After finishing 3rd in 2019, the team used last year to rebuild and finished 7th.

The league began as an Ottoneu 101 league and is entering its 5th season. We’ve had a few manager changes and it is a good league to get practice in the Ottoneu format while remaining competitive enough to be a fun challenge.

I haven’t yet marked the team as Abandoned, so post here or send me a message if you’re interested in claiming. Thanks!

I’ll take the team. I’ve played on Yahoo for nearly a decade but I’m brand new to Ottoneu. Let me know how to move forward. Thanks!

That’s great! I should be able to swap your username in as owner of the team and it will send you a message once successful. Glad to have you!