Lg #837 15 MiLB Prospect Draft 2017


14.03 Freicer Perez SP NYY @underwig is next


14.4. Braxton Garrett P MIA.

@LaParka710 is up


(14.05) Logan Warmoth, SS, Toronto Blue Jays. Your turn in the morning, @Timmy_RedLeg.


(14.06) Travis Blankenhorn 2B/3B. MIN. @orangefiftysix you are now up sir.


(14.07) SP Tobias Myers TB. @Robextend!


(14.08) Joey Lucchesi P SD @saporitoe is up


14.9 - Jonathon Machado - OF - STL

@hopshop to you!


(14.10) Dermis Garcia 3B NY @KCrownTown next


(14.11) Seuly Matias OF KCR
@mherrmann is on the clock X2


(14.12) Luis Escobar RHP PIT
(15.01) Ryan Borucki LHP TOR

@KCrownTown is up again.


(15.02) Zach Burdi RHP CWS
@hopshop is on the clock


(15.03) Drew Waters OF ATL @saporitoe is up


15.4 - Tim Tebow - Diety - NYM

What championship team doesn’t have TWTW!?!

@Robextend sorry for stealing your next pick!


I got swiped! (15.5) Willie Abreu OF COL @orangefiftysix your pick


Tebow? Nuke this entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Sounds like someone is jealous like the rest of us who can’t pick him now that they don’t have Tebow on his team.


(15.06) OF Bubba Thompson TEX. Coming up after the commercial break, @Timmy_RedLeg and his final pick.


(15.07) SS. Yasel Antuna WAS.@LaParka710 is up.


(15.08) Akil Baddoo, OF, Minnesota Twins. Last pick for you, @underwig.


(15.9) Jordan Humphreys P Mets @cbauer is up for the his last pick. GO DODGERS!!!