Lineup page missing a player

I’m in league 1059 and I had Pablo Lopez in my starting lineup yesterday. When I checked today, his spot (SP5) is blank and he’s missing from my roster entirely. If you go to the team page, he shows up. Can you assist?

Looking into it.

You added Pablo Lopez to your team on the 26th but your league’s weekly lineups locked on Sunday, the 24th.

Ok I see. The weekly lineups didn’t lock until today, which is correct, since there weren’t games between Sunday and today! So you’ve found a pretty interesting weekly lineup bug. He’s on your lineup but the site won’t show it on the lineup page - it WILL show him on the Live Stats page, however. His stats will also accrue, or should.

I’ll have to spend a little bit more time getting him to show up on the lineup page. It may take me a day or two.

Ok, no worries! I was wondering about lineups locking but what you said makes sense. I’ll keep and eye on it, thanks!

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I found Pablo Lopez. This should be fixed going forward.

Looks good! Thanks