List team's previous names - at least for commissioner

I easily forget what teams in my league used to be called, particularly from off-seasons where multiple new owners have come into the league and changed the names. It would be useful to have somewhere to see what they’ve previously been known as and even a list of previous owners.

I agree. What I do is before each auction is write down the team number (which doesn’t change) in a spreadsheet and the associated team name. You can also keep track of this using the team notes function.

But having some sort of official change log that records team name changes would be handy.


Maybe an annual “snapshot”, of team names and the managers username, on the final standings page.

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I think this would be noisy and a lot of people wouldn’t really use or care about this information, as this is the first time this has come up in 10+ years and team turnover isn’t particularly different than it has been in the past.

I also think this is pretty easily solved by anyone who greatly cares about it by using the team notebook functionality - happy to expound on this if it needs explaining.

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