Locked player benched by auto-sit

Mike trout is playing a DH today and he’s sitting the first game. I wanted him in my lineup bc he’ll likely play game 2 of the DH, so I turned off my auto bench until after he was locked (I attempted to move him to confirm and I couldn’t bc I didn’t want shenanigans with trout) then turned auto bench back on for rest of my team. I just checked and trout is on the bench. Not sure how it happened. Not sure if this is fixable for today - if not no big deal (unless trout goes off :wink:), but just want to understand moving forward. Thanks!

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I’ll see if I can figure out what happened here but my guess is you tried to be very precise and Trout hadn’t actually locked yet. Auto bench is not a precise tool and it is not meant to be. If you waited until exactly 4 minutes and 59s before Trout’s game and turned auto-bench back on there is a very good chance he’d get autobenched because actual locking doesn’t happen exactly five minutes before a game starts.

Generally if you are able to make lineup decisions actively like this I would recommend against using auto-bench, as it does not sound like you need it!

I waited until game start time and like I said I checked to make sure he was locked. I have been using autobench bc just had a kiddo and schedule is super inconsistent otherwise I wouldn’t. Thanks for all you do, Niv!

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So there are two locked states:

  1. The lineup page won’t let you make changes within five minutes of gametime

  2. The system puts players into the database at some point within five minutes of game time. This is when auto bench is checked

If you turn auto bench on two minutes before game time but the system hadn’t put your lineup for the day into the database yet, auto bench would bench players that you wouldn’t be able to move on the lineup page.

This is a five minute at most window. Changing auto bench off and on and off again within a five minute window is expecting a lot more precision than a “bench everyone who isn’t starting” tool is meant to provide.

The flip side of this is that maybe there shouldn’t be two separate locked states! But that’s kinda hard technically but also something I think is worth accomplishing. So I’ll investigate.

Because of the nature of how locking players works and I guess the nature of time (players cannot be locked instantaneously), it is impossible to guarantee that auto-bench can be used in the way described by OP.

I’ve added the following language to the lineup page:

Benching may occur after the MLB scheduled start time.

If anyone chooses to turn auto-bench off and on multiple times within a day, they do so at their own risk.

Thanks for looking into this Niv and for providing the explanation - super helpful to understand so I know going forward, tho like mentioned, this was a unique situation on a lot of fronts.

Appreciate you!

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