Locked slot looks unlocked when moving players in lineup

I’m trying to set my lineup for later today and looking to move Ryan McMahon to MI. However, I’m seeing that I could move McMahon to 2B even though Albies/Atlanta is already in play. In previous years, it wouldn’t let me move a player into a position that already had a game underway. Is this a new feature or a defect?


Looks like a bug! I’m looking into it.

The good news is if you click a locked slot, it will not actually swap the players. So this is a cosmetic bug but a bad one!

Good to know! I didn’t want to test it out in case Albies has a monster day and I lose out on his stats haha! Thanks for looking into this so quickly! If you need any more regression testing, you know who to call :wink:

I believe this bug should be fixed upon refresh.

Yup, looks good from my end now! Appreciate the quick fix!

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