Looking for a league 5x5 roto

5x5 roto $50/$100

Miku I would like to start a new 5x5 roto let me see if we can get 12.

would be great!

I’m interested if your looking

I’d be interested in doing another one

Anyone who list a post on here will have a team. If I can get around 9 in total I will go to the leagues I am in to fill it out.

I am interested in joining this league as well.

Great let me start posting some stuff in my other leagues and see if we can fill it up.

My brother is wanting to join also. Once he gets signed up, I will have him respond to this message.

I’m the brother that is also interested😁

Hope to have it filled by tomorrow. As soon as its filled I will try and set a draft date.

What is the name of this league?

I am going to name it foulballs I didnt set it up yet I want to make sure we can fill it. I hope to get it done today.

Where is everyone located, time zone-wise? I’m EST.

Est. I hope to get a draft time that works for all

Roger that. Season is approaching quickly. We should discuss as soon as possible to ensure we get it in, even if we have to break it up over two nights. I have another draft Tuesday night and then family down all weekend (after the season starts, anyways). Leaves me limited time, but I’m willing to take a day off to accommodate going late one night, or something similar.

Jaybird and I are both in CST.

I will work with everyone to make sure we are all good.

Teams in:

  1. Miku
  2. FB Champ
    3.Jitbag 50
  3. Adam
  4. Jevans 4
  5. Jaybird 84
  6. Rbarba?

I’m in as long as the draft date works for me.